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Pumpkin Marshmallow Cookies


So, I am no Betty Crocker! As a matter of fact, I have just now started cooking in an effort to convince my husband to let me stay home! Anyway, these cute little cookie treats were so yummy and adorable. I let my two ‘big’ kids help make them, and the oldest took them to school for her friends! Here are the steps. This is a Katina-modified version of the recipe on the back of the marshmallow bag.

First, buy your stuff: jumbo pumpkin marshmallows, sugar cookie mix, powered sugar (confectioner’s sugar for all you fancy pants), butter, egg (for cookie mix), milk, & vanilla


Then, you make the cookies: Follow the directions on the cookie mix package. Duh!

Next, cut the pumpkins in half: Keep in mind, I am NOT a chef! That being said, I tried to ‘kind of’ saw at the pumpkins… this was quite unsuccessful! Just push the knife down until the marshmallow is in half. You’ll want to cut them so you have two pumpkins from one, not two halves of a giant pumpkin!


Icing: Ok, my granny taught me how to make icing when I was a little girl & it goes something like this; 1. Get a bowl and mixer.    2. Soften about a stick of butter in the microwave. (mine always ends up melting)    3. Put in some powdered sugar (3-4 cups) -Remember fancy pants, that’s confectioner’s sugar-    4. Mix on high. 5. Add about a cap full of vanilla extract. (Due to the alcohol content my unamed friends & I tried to drink this when we were teenagers. Be warned: you will not dance around happily like the people in the Smirnoff commercials! 😉     6. Add about 3ish tablespoons of milk. -Copyright pending on the term 3ish, Stephen Hawking will be using it in his next published work.-   7. Mix on high. If it’s too runny add powered sugar. If it’s too thick add milk.     8. For these cookies I colored the icing green, but it is not necessary.

Almost done: Just slap the icing on a cookie & stick the pumpkin on. Put the pumpkins on before the icing sits so the pumpkins will stick.

And there you have it! Don’t forget to post a picture to your preferred social media site! You will cause a surge of mama guilt in all who see your lovely creation! They will be making classroom treats for their little one in no time!