Look God, I made this for you.

I was always jealous of a particular friend of mine who took art in high school. We didn’t have to be invited to take art. There were no tests to pass before you were allowed to take art. So why was I jealous? Why didn’t I just sign my tail up?

FEAR of FAILURE. Grrrrr. Well, that and my horrible handwriting & incredibly shaky hands. (No, it’s bad. If I have too much coffee, I look like Michael J Fox. I’m not making fun. Ask anyone who knows me. Seriously.)

Anyway…as an ‘adult’ I have jumped on every artsy bandwagon that has come along. Scrapbooking- all in! Photography- sign me up! Chalk painting- woop woop, look out old furniture! The only problem is I still have bad handwriting and shaky hands. Alas, I shall never reach the artistic cheer-leading, bubble letter heights of my high school friend.

But I have found a totally forgiving and fantastically fun art bandwagon to hop on! Yes! Me & my trembly fingers have taken to the leaf thin pages of the bible! It’s called bible journaling! (In case you were wondering, I am aware of my complete nerdiness.)

DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ME!!! You are going to laugh, I know. 😦 I’m embarrassed already. I regret this post and I haven’t even finished writing it yet. Here Goes:

In all honesty, bible journaling has truly redefined my bible study time; which, up until this point, was basically nonexistent. I love coloring in my bible. It feels so personal & almost like a form of praise. It makes me laugh to think of God as the parent & me as the annoying child.

Me: Look God, I made you another picture. See it’s a sun and a rainbow and it says, ‘I love God!’

God: (Trying not to roll his eyes) Yes, Yes, Katina. It’s lovely. Why don’t you run off and make another.

Me: (Humming Lauren Daigle & skipping away)

God: Hey honey, maybe you could color some of those anxiety verses….You know, to help with the shaky hands.

Me: (yelling back) Yes Sir!

God is so good. Such a good father. And, y’all should try bible journaling. You might like it, I think He does.


5 thoughts on “Look God, I made this for you.”

  1. That is so cool and inspiring! It makes me want to try it. I struggle to read the bible a lot of the time, but this creative method is so me. Can’t believe I never thought of doing something like this before. Love your art!


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