Letter To My Younger Self


Dear Katina,
I see you sitting there in your cold cinder blocked junior high classroom. You’re scanning the room, looking for the teacher, and trying oh-so-hard to seem like you aren’t trying. (As a matter of fact, you will spend much of the next few years doing just that; trying to not try.) You find the teacher, his head down, searching a filing cabinet. The paper is folded, folded again, and again… a star. Your hands working fast and pressing the edges until it’s just right.
“Psssst, pssssst, can you pass this for me.”
“To whoooo?” the boy asks with a big dimpled smirk.
You roll your eyes, “You know who. Hurry!”
“Whatever,” he huffs as your note begins its journey across the classroom.
The note finally reaches its destination, an adorable, dark complected, blonde headed football player. He reads the note and laughs out loud. (I mean that literally, not ‘LOL’.) He begins to write back. You watch as he folds his own cool fold, a football, of course. Then, the note heads your way…
I am so excited that today I get to be a guest blogger! You can find the rest of my ‘Letter to my Younger Self’ here. Fun Fact: Sis. Carmen actually knew my younger self, poor thing had to teach my sunday school class!)


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