The Middle

DSC_0039 Ok, ok, I know! We accidentally forgot to buckle you in the car today. I am just now getting your birthday together, and your party is Saturday. There are lots of times when your hair looks crazy. And, I think your teeth get brushed half as often as sissy’s. You’re not the oldest. You’re not the youngest. You are the middle.

The day you were born was literally magical to me. I remember the nurse putting your face up to mine. You opened your little mouth, and I smelled your sweet baby breath. My immediate thought was, ‘I could die right now and be happy.’ I044 couldn’t stop crying. When Sissy saw you and gave you kisses, oh my goodness! I just kept saying “I have babies,” over and over.

I would like to say it was all rainbows and butterflies after that, but it wasn’t! You were born with a busyness, and you hated sleep! I rarely put you down. There was a strange fear inside me, the fear of losing you.

Things got a little weird when I forced your daddy to move the baby swing to the garage. When he asked why, I told him it looked like a coffin. I couldn’t breathe. I would study your face until it seemed pale or blue; then I would snatch you up thinking something awful had happened.

I went to the doctor for my checkup, and she seemed to think I needed to see a counselor, so did my husband, and my mama. (Apparently I was being quite irrational!) I’m not really big on sharing feelings. (Well, except to complete strangers, aka blog readers. Oh, and facebook. And, various social media outlets. And…ok, I guess I am ok with sharing.) I just tend to say what people want to hear. So, when the counselor asked, “Did you have a difficult pregnancy or birthing experience?” I smiled and told her no. She asked me to describe it. I told her all about my pregnancy issues, hospital stays, fears, etc. She nodded and said, “It’s all going to be ok. Your baby is going to live.”

And live you have! With all your silliness! You are brilliant and hilarious. You make jokes and charm everyone. You are kind when others are mean. Sometimes you are so wild I want to scream, then you turn around and generously give away your last piece of candy.

You truly are our middle. Not just in the silly, typical, middle child way, but…. A true middle. The peacemaker. The unwavering one.

If you are ever feeling pitiful or left out just remember, the middle is necessary! The middle is awesome! Sometimes, the middle can be the best part! Without the middle, a seesaw is just a dumb board, an Oreo is just two plain old chocolate cookies, and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich is just bread…just bread! You keep us from being plain. Because of you, we are not just bread.middle2

I love you my sweet bubba bears…my amazing middle baby!




7 thoughts on “The Middle”

  1. Great read, thanks for sharing. Never thought of the middle as you have described it. I have a ” middle ” and she all the things you have said about your middle. Love my kids


  2. Great read, thanks for sharing. Never thought of the middle as you have described it. I have a ” middle ” and she is all the things you have said about your middle. Love my kids


  3. Beautiful – and a perfect description of our little Ryder man! He IS the icing in the Oreo cookie. Our lives are richer, happier and more fun because of him! Love him so!


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