A letter to Nick Jr.

Dear Nick Jr.,
You are wonderful, truly! Your happily themed educational programming seems to enhance my children’s knowledge of phonics, science, and basic math skills. Sometimes, they will watch a show and ask me to ‘look something up’ on my phone. Just yesterday, we researched the difference in a chrysalis and a cocoon. Amazing! That being said, I have a small concern. While I understand that in today’s shrinking world, different cultures are a part of everyday life, it is still quite strange to me when my Louisiana children request a “spot of tea” or ask for the anaranjado candy. I have recently been praying that our part of the country will not see any snow, since your lovely Chinese cartoon character, Kai Lan, has told my babies snow is shi-it. I am waiting for my 4 year old to come home from pre-k with a rojo (red) card for cursing. A few days ago, my three year old had a melt down, because I didn’t understand when he said, with an English accent, “Mummy, I would enjoy a lolly.”
“Well son,” I said, “here in Louisiana that’s just called a sucker, a forest is the woods, our home is a house not a flat or a casa.”
Maybe you should consider a Louisiana based cartoon. Just think, all those adorable little Yankee children could say things like, “Mama, I want some gumbo and crawfish.” They could learn about Louisiana culture. Maybe then my son would do a zydeco dance as opposed to the salsa he recently learned from Diego.
Louisiana Mama
Just search Kai Lan saying snow if you haven’t seen the episode, YouTube has plenty of videos!


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