Three is Plenty


Don’t worry. This isn’t one of those ‘awe wee I’m sleeping so sweetly with my baby’ pictures.’ (Which, by the way, we all know you just closed your eyes and took a selfie! You are pretending to be asleep! It’s weird!) Anywhooo…This is my own little reminder.

I would like to take a moment to address future Katina:
Dear me,
I know you. You are sitting there in the brown chair. All the babies are asleep. Little sissy just told you some girly story, in her adorable sassy tone, about her friends or about how she wants to marry daddy. She probably gave you one of her too tight hugs and sleepily said, “night night mama.”
Bubba giggled his silly little giggle, asked you some obscure question about Thor, then wanted you to climb in his bed and give him “sugars and luvins.”
Baby boy just snuggled his soft red hair into the crook of your arm, made some lovely cooing sounds, then peacefully drifted off to sleep.
But…..Don’t you do it! Don’t you even begin to entertain the idea. Say it with me: Three is Plenty! Remember sad, frustrated, 2:00 am Katina with a big baby smooshed into her jugular, begging you to think not of those sweet angelic faces, but the other faces… The screaming, “Sissy cut my hair!” The fighting, “He keeps biting me.” The all night, face to face, sweet….wonderful breath of a…. Oh my goodness! Stop it! It’s not sweet! You just spent all night wrestling with a wild animal of a baby. He actually slapped you. At some point during your day you will contemplate running out the door, down the road, never to return again. Then they will get you. Somebody will draw you a picture or hand you a tiny little weed flower. One of those little monsters will make you laugh or melt your heart. You will forget the rest. The massive amount of work, worry, and life sucking lack of sleep will be magically erased leaving behind one simple feeling… LOVE. Don’t be fooled sista! Remember me.
Your friend in the motherhood battle,

Is this weird? Probably. Don’t judge me unless you were up all night with a baby, & if you were up all night with your own munchkin, maybe you should write yourself a little reminder letter. Because you know the day will come when all that unpleasantness will be forgotten or warped into sweet tales of how adorable your children were. Remember the tough times folks or you will soon find yourself with a 2:00 am wake up call. I don’t care who you are, there ain’t nothing adorable about this:


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