Cutting your hair like Michelle Williams’ does not change your face.

A little over a year ago, something came over me (pregnancy hormones). I decided to chop my hair into a pixie cut; a short, short, SHORT, pixie cut. It’s such an adorable word… Pixie. Who doesn’t want to look like a tiny little tinker bell-like pixie? The key word is tiny, which I was nowhere near after my FIFTY pound weight gain! (It was all baby, I had a 50 pounder.)
I walked into the hair salon, handed the stylist a picture of Michelle Williams, then begged him to cut.
The stylist asked several times, “Are you sure?” I said I was 100% sure. I really thought I would feel empowered while looking so cute, but the truth is, the ‘I did it’ feeling lasted about five minutes and was followed by a massive, crushing, sense of regret. Here is a little photo walk I would like to entitle: How I Thought I Looked versus How I Actually Looked.

Michelle Williams:












You get the idea. If you have the pixie cut fever, keep in mind, cutting your hair like Michelle Williams’ (or any other pixied celebrity) does not change your face into Michelle Williams’ (or other pixied celebrity’s) thin little face. Do not do it! You will regret it!


Then again, just go for it! Who cares? It will grow… It’s just hair! It only took a year and a half for my hair to fit into a ponytail again!



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