Buh bum… Call Lt. Stabler

Our elf, Beaux, has arrived, and after my snarky little blog post about the Elf on the Shelf calendars, one would assume that I just casually place Beaux around our home. Oh no, I decided to try a whole scene.
My goal: Beaux plays dress up with a few close friends.
Outcome: Psycho ties up girls and steals their clothes.

It seriously looks like the opening scene from a Law and Order SVU.

I spent about two hours, half a roll of gorilla tape, and numerous floral wire pieces trying to get Beaux to stand in those shoes. I gorilla taped the wire to his body. (He may now be Beaux who always wears a little black dress.) I tried the same thing with Rapunzel, but she just wouldn’t cooperate. (You know Rapunzel, “Don’t touch my hair, Ouch you’re hurting me…”) She just kept falling over. Not to mention ballerina Belle back there, (AKA the ‘smart’ princess) who wouldn’t quit smelling her armpit.
Lesson: Instead of making fun of ideas that are better than any of your own, use those ideas.
Next year I may just print one of those awesome calendars and plan ahead.


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