Old Cake Pans

I am thankful for the hands that held my bottle before I could, spanked my bottom when I was being “a aggravatin youngin,” rested on my fevered head while asking God to heal me, braided and permed my hair (even though I begged her to stop), taught me how to shell peas, held on tight while riding on the back of my four wheeler, tried to teach me to be fearless (although I am not), wore out the pages of several Bibles, became old & knotty but still strong, punched in the code to ‘escape’ from the nursing home,
slowed down, made many mistakes, slowed, slowed, slowed, stopped……I watched those hands make lots of cornbread and cakes in these two old tin pans, and tonight, as I make my own cakes, I am thankful for the memory of my sweet granny.IMG_4340.JPG


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