Halloween Headache

So, I made a mistake the morning of Halloween… a rookie parenting mistake, not one a mother of three should’ve made. My little boy woke up, came in my room, and I said, “Happy Halloween.” I must’ve been tired or something I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking about how the word Halloween would see him off, but it did. As I dosed back off I began to hear scratching  and screeching sounds. Something leaped onto my bed and I screamed. It took me a few seconds to realize it was my son… in his bat costume… it was Halloween. I tried to explain that it was Halloween day, and we weren’t dressing up until our party that night. He didn’t get it. (I always forget how totally irrational these little creatures are). After bellowing, waking up the baby and big sis, and thirty full minutes of whine I finally got him out of his costume. Sister started with the questions, “When is Halloween? If it’s today why can’t I wear my costume to school? When do we trick or treat? Who is coming to our party? Why can boys stand up to tee tee?” (That last one somehow ends up in every conversation.) We left the house late and I got in the car wondering, as usual, why I am never on time.
With sister dropped off at school I knew I could get tons of housework done. (In my mind I always think I can lay the baby down, turn on the T.V., and do an entire week’s worth of cleaning in two hours.) We walked in the door and all sorts of craziness began. It started with Bubba and his I wants… I want a drink, I want a snack, I want Darth Vader movie… After I met all these ‘needs’ the baby started crying. I sat down and fed him. When I got up Bubba started blubbering about never getting to ride his four wheeler outside… cue mama guilt… We go outside for 20 minutes. When we get back inside the baby starts crying… Ugh… sleepy. I rock him to sleep and lay him in my bed. He wakes as soon as I walk away and I hear a crash then crying coming from the living room. I run to check and find Bubba on the floor with Halloween decor surrounding him. He had jumped (like a bat he says) and grabbed the “smooky ole owls” from the mantle pulling down all the other decorations as well. Once I realized he was fine, I ran back to my room (more mama guilt, the baby can roll over now. He could’ve fallen.) I pick him up and get him back to sleep. I put him on the bed and surround him with pillows (cause that will keep him from rolling over)… I start cleaning up the mess Bubba made while he plays in time-out (great discipline). Soon he starts to whine about eating… Grrrrrr they always want to eat! I make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He squeezes it and jelly plops onto the carpet. The baby starts crying. I sit down and give up…time to call for back-up.
My mama arrives a few minutes later and we clean as much as possible. I try to teach her the proper way to clean my house (hide the mess) but she insists on throwing stuff away and putting things where they belong (I would insert an eye roll, but she’s helping me… I must be nice.) With the house clean, mama leaves to pick up a few decorations (apparently my fall decorations and kid color sheets aren’t enough). I make cupcakes, the boys nap, then we pick sister up.
My mama returns with a bag of decorations, my daddy, a four wheeler, and a trailer of hay. (She can’t do a small party.) So…. I get the kids ready; sister the cat, bubba the bat, & baby the bear. (I wanted a Star Wars theme, but I lost). My mama makes chili and tells me to look at her decorations. I open the bag, my jaw drops. I am staring at a bag full of severed hands and skulls. The oldest child coming to the party is five…
Me: “Mama, don’t you think these are kind of scary?”
Mama: “No, my goodness, we had our music leader dress up like a vampire in a coffin at church when you were a kid.”
Me: “Yeah, I remember, especially at night when I am trying to go to sleep.”
Mama: “Oh you are fine, don’t be such a fuddy-dud.” (This must be one of her Jonesboro words.)
Me: “Well, why don’t we put those out in the yard?”
Mama: “No, I want everybody to see them.”
Me: “Whatever” (eye roll)
So, my daddy, doing my mother’s bidding, hangs the severed hands and skulls while I hang the skeleton on the front door.
At this point I decide to try to take some pictures. I get my camera and return to see the big kids licking green icing off my mixer attachments. (Thanks mama, they really needed that sugar boost.) I think I got one good picture. The rest were blurry, you know cause the kids were hyped up. By now I am sweating profusely and the kids are crying because they want to go trick or treating. The rest of our family arrives and the real fun begins.

Summary: Bubba dry heaves but doesn’t puke, Sister has some type of nervous energy that makes her super sassy, cousin Emma starts running fever, cousin John Easton sneaks so much candy his hair is brown with melted chocolate, all the boys run wild, the baby falls on his head (I thought he could sit up a little better), I lose Sister (don’t worry I found her hiding in the kitchen eating candy).
But…. Let me tell you, it was great! I love my little family and our crazy Halloween parties! The yearly Halloween headache is worth it!


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