Interesting Info.

Things I’ve learned over the past few days:
Men are drinking breast milk for energy. So women, if you think a man is ogling you, don’t be offended. He may simply be thinking of ways to improve his mile time.

.IMG_3916image fom Parents Nov.

There is a new baby doll that poops wearable charms. This particular doll is terrifying enough with its black button eyes & odd stitching. Now it poops prizes. My daughter has decided this is the doll she wants for Christmas. I am so impressed that marketing firms have found a way to target even the most guarded children.


Toys R Us is selling a “Breaking Bad” doll that comes with a bag of money and meth. Great job educating those kids, Toys R Us. (Just to clarify, the money & meth are fake.)





One thought on “Interesting Info.”

  1. I agree, interesting information. The breast milk tells me that some people will use any means to fulfill their goal. The doll tells me that people really do believe “their poop don’t stink”. And the dolls dealing drugs tells me that the old saying is true, our world really is “going to hell in a hand basket.”


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