I’m in Love With the Popcorn Guy

Pregnant people cravings have always annoyed me. I never understood all this pickles and ice cream junk. If I heard a pregnant woman talk about her husband driving to McDonald’s to get a stupid hamburger I couldn’t help but roll my inner eyes (I’m a people pleaser. I can’t roll my actual eyes.) I mean how bratty…. “I need a double meaty, extra cheesy hamburger. Now!” So you can imagine my surprise when, at around four months pregnant with my last baby, I woke up with a serious craving; Movie theater popcorn.

Nothing could be substituted for the real deal, not microwave bags, Jiffy Pop, the microwave buckets, not even an at home popcorn popper would work! I know, I know! It was karma and it was awful! All day long I could just imagine that rich buttery popcorn crunching in my mouth. The salty deliciousness sticking to my fat, sausage fingers! That was it, I had to have it! I frantically searched for a babysitter so my husband and I could go to the theater. I didn’t care what we watched as long as I got my fix. I tried my parents, but it was Thursday, that’s when my mama watches her “shows” (outward eye roll here, my mama isn’t included in the people I have to please). When my husband walked in the door I told him about my desperate need for popcorn. He sat me down and calmly told me his parents were out of town, there would be no popcorn. NO POPCORN! I was like Ross Gellar when someone ate his sandwich. I now understood the pregnancy craving phenomenon. My husband looked at me in my pathetic state and I could see the pity on his face. He stood up, walked to the door, and said, “If my baby wants popcorn, my baby gets popcorn.” HaHa, not really! He would never say something like that! But, he did give me an “I’ll fix it” look, and walked out the door. About thirty minutes later in he walks with that ridiculously large tub of popcorn. I had never loved him more.

That night as I was picking the popcorn off my clothes (and putting it in my mouth) I asked my husband if he was embarrassed going in just for popcorn. He said, “Baby, I would travel to the ends of the earth to get you what you wanted!” Just kidding, he would definitely never say that. He simply said, “No, I just told them my pregnant wife wanted popcorn.”

That pregnancy craving is still going strong, although my baby is five months old. The last time we went to the theater I heard the ticket kid tell his friend, “That’s the popcorn guy.” I smiled a big smile, grabbed the popcorn guy’s hand, and walked to the concession stand to get that delicious snack, the one that lets me know just how much my husband loves me.


7 thoughts on “I’m in Love With the Popcorn Guy”

  1. WOW!! I had no idea you were writing a blog. This is wonderful!! I’m going back to read everything. I’m so very happy for you and your beautiful baby filled world. God’s timing is perfect, huh?!


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