Amazingly Easy Do-it-Yourself Little Boy’s Haircut

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hair stylist!

Step One, EVALUATION: Look at your little boy. Ask yourself, “Could little ______________ (insert child’s name) be on a public service poster for neglected children?” If you answer yes to this question, you should cut his hair.

Step two, SCISSOR CHOICE: Look through your home in the places where your scissors often pop up ; drawers, top of the refrigerator, kids’ art box, your pantry,  microwave… When you have located those illusive tools look carefully at each pair. If they are rusted you may want to look for another pair (unless, of course, you are up to date on all tetanus shots, then feel free to use those rusted ones) . Barbie scissors will only frustrate you as they don’t actually cut. Quilting scissors are scary. Hair stylist’s scissors would be best, but seriously, who has those? Just go with your gut.

Step three, DISTRACTION: Lack of experience often leads to injury so, just to be safe, give the boy something to do. Maybe have him watch T.V. Or something else highly educational.

Step four, SNIP SNIP: Don’t be afraid, go for it. Grab pieces of hair and cut them.

Step five, FINALLY: You are finished! Isn’t it wonderful to save money and make your child look great at the same time! Now, remember to post that picture to social media. All other mamas will go on a mad scissor hunt so they can quickly imitate your sweet baby’s new haircut.

Here is my finished product! He is just wearing the hat because he loves hats! I promise, I absolutely am not trying to hide an awful do-it-yourself haircut.



4 thoughts on “Amazingly Easy Do-it-Yourself Little Boy’s Haircut”

  1. I love this. Truly. I have laughed out loud and shared in your frustration/laughs because a) I’ve had the same temptation, but haven’t had the time to follow through and b)I’ve had the same costume war with similar planning (ahem, manipulation tactics) with similar results (utter failure.)


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