Mama guilt

Mama Guilt

At church: Hey girl, we are doing so well with our bible verse this week! Susie had it memorized by Monday so we went ahead and learned the entire chapter! Oh and the books of the bible, and all the disciples, and the lineage of Jesus! I love the way Susie says, “begat.”
Me: Yesterday my son asked if the dead bird on the road died on a cross.

At school drop off: Oh my goodness! How easy is Pre-K? Susie already knows how to count. Actually she can multiply. I suppose, if she needed to, she could find the circumference of the sun using pi!
Me: We eat pie…Store bought.

Facebook: Susie just wrote her name….in cursive….then Chinese symbols….all while standing on her head! (Cute little picture attached of Susie in her Matilda Jane outfit!)
Me: She’s adorable. (While mentally calculating how much sleep we would lose if I started waking my children at 4:00 for a secret handwriting class.)

I hear these lovely mama brags and immediately revert back to a teenager. I huff and wonder how they are doing these things. (probably lying… nobody reads 15 books in one night!) Like a good girl, I smile, nod, and pretend to be easy breezy mama, but honestly, I begin comparing. I think about my children, my home, my husband, myself and how I am not measuring up! The guilt settles in. I should have my daughter in more classes (I mean, what could happen if my baby doesn’t learn to do her back handspring by age four?) I should be more organized, buy cuter clothes for my kids, throw better parties, and set up more play dates (You know, so I can compare myself to another mama!) I believe in having high expectations, I just want to be sure they are expectations I have set, not borrowed from little Susie’s mama’s Facebook post!

Now I have to get off the computer so I can take my freshly baked cookies (treats for sister’s class) out of the oven, iron the boy’s matching shirts, and wash leotards for dance… I’m a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Mama guilt”

  1. I understand your point.I experienced daddy guilt as a former single parent due to juggling an immense amount of parental duties from day to day. But I made it. My kids graduated from college and live their own adult lives. Keep up the good work Katina. I bet you are a great mom.


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